WTB 2003 character with low skillpoints

Still looking :grinning:

Bump :grinning:

How about that?

Hi says…Not your character to view…

updated - Mis Tale

when was the character born ?



4b my price

sounds good…confirm with Mis Tale for deal at 4 billion isk here in forum and we have a deal.

Confirm I can be for sale… However I won’t respond from now till 12 Eve time tomorrow/

Let me know if you want to buy it so I move it to high sec

I want to buy Mis Tale for 4 billion isk

ok send isk to Mis Tale and account name I will transfer him from wh to hs and start transfer

Ok ill send account information and 4 billion isk to Mis Tale

when im trying to send message to Mis Tale it says…

You are not allowed to contact Mis Tale.

let me contact u once i am loged in… loging in

ok ill wait

Account information and 4 billion isk sent for transfer of Mis Tale to my account.