Thanks all.

Check us out. I know you prefer null, but if you are interested in low-sec with the new FW update!

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We are always recruiting mate :slight_smile:

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we are a small eng speaking corp, mainly euro players, play alot, very active between dt and 11 pm ish almost everyday.part og aarp alliance, live in Immensea, jump into shield107 in game or dm me with a time to chat see if we are a good fit… cheers Edrik.

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Hi there m8

Welcome back

If you can consider an independent pvp group that operates from pochven please make sure to check us out.

Below you have 10 good reasons to why you should consider us an option.

If you want to speak with us feel free to join our discord server that we use as main coms in our fleets.

Take care

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Come check us out

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