I’m looking for a focused dread pilot, any faction.
Offer depend on the pilot, I can pay between 30-60b

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Let me see your bid

27b is my offer. But this character was supposedly already sold

I’m the new owner, I bought the character and found out DREAD had no chance to fight, so I wanted to try and sell him. 27b is a little low for me

How much do you ask?

30b, I think that’s a good price

I am interested, but I would like to wait a day or two if I hear another offer

I forgot to mention, because you haven’t replied for a long time, I sold him to my friend an hour ago, sorry

ok no problem, thank you anyway

still buying

still looking a dread pilot

still looking, dread + carrier pilot

still looking

Still looking


Good morning,
This guy can fly Rev with T2 guns and T2 Siege, and if i remeber correctly just needs skill books for the Nag.


I’m interested, how much?

I am very interested in this character. how much?


Still looking