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WTB: Focused Minmatar Carrier Pilot and/or Minokawa pilot
WTB Hel Pilot
WTB Looking for a Carrier pilot
WTB Thanatos or Nid Pilot
WTB a Hel holding toon
WTB Hel/Nyx Pilot, With All Sub Skills Needed for Perfect Ratting
WTB perfect CAR pilot Nidhogur ore Thanatos
Pilot found
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50b b/o

(Ronan Le'Meurtrier) #3

53b b/o

(Gods Artist) #4

Thank you for the offers so far!

WTB Thanatos or Nid Pilot
(Ronan Le'Meurtrier) #5

im off to bed in 30 mins if you want to do this bud

(Gods Artist) #6

fell asleep, when i get back from work, il hit ya up!

I’m still open for offers on this nice char!!!

(Ronan Le'Meurtrier) #7

my offer is retracted brought another char

(Gods Artist) #8

Still for sale, Bump for a nice char.

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↓↓↓ Buying characters here ↓↓↓
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Weekend bump!

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Weekend Bump❤

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