(Holy Shizznit) #1


Looking for a new master to serve, for the right price, I can be yours

  • 24 mil SP
  • Located in Jita
  • seller will pay for transfer
  • positive wallet
  • no wasted skills
  • currently training for Capital Industrial Ships level 5

Starting bid at 20 bil isk
Buyout is 26 bil isk or highest offer after one week.
I will let the post run for a week than sell for the highest bidder,

Bid safely o/

(Tyrion Lannester) #2

I’ll start ya with 20b

(Hymar Sakara) #3


Confirming I am for sale

(Hymar Sakara) #4

Daily bump

(Bear Small) #5

21 billion

(Hymar Sakara) #7

I accept Sean Brigs buyout

Send me the isk and account info and I will begin the transfer

If no answer in 24h or a better offer appears the sale continues

(Attero Dominatus) #8

22b, assuming sean has retracted their bid

(system) #9

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