(Baeric Skir) #1

P: 123456

Geno implants

Min bid is. 70B

Bids will continue until I get a bid I like. Once bid is accepted buyer has 24 hours to transfer or will restart,

I’ll pay transfer yada yada.

(jitomeroalt) #2

70 bil

(Da BigBlack Car) #3

removed get on right char.

(Baeric Skir) #4

in 48 hours that bid will be accepted assuming no other bids.

(Baeric Skir) #5


AT 0:00 EVE Time if no other bids are made you will win the auction please have your isk and account slot ready.

(jitomeroalt) #6

it will be middle of the night in my TZ. so can do it morning time (DT)

(Baeric Skir) #7

absolutely whenever your on send the isk and a mail.

(Baeric Skir) #8

I’m on now if you are ready.

(Baeric Skir) #9

auction canceled sorry.

(jitomeroalt) #10

be ready in 2 hour. prepair acc or all canceled ?

(system) #11

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