(Mordecai Walker) #1

How much would this toon be worth?




(Concetto LaQualunque) #2

eve board doesnt show skills

(Mordecai Walker) #3

You sure? I just logged out and checked to see if I could see the skills… Did I do something incorrectly?

(Concetto LaQualunque) #4

my bad working now be about 3bn - 3.5bn

(Absolute Truth) #5

Eveboard link works just fine for me. Ill offer 1.8b for this character.

(Gabryn) #6

my offer is 3b

(Xanthi White) #7

3.1 billion

(Mordecai Walker) #8

Thank you all for the offers. After some research, I’ve decided not to sell the character.

(system) #9

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