(M9700 Onzo) #1

93 Mil SP
Fighters 5
Well rounded subcap skills
2012 pilot
Positive wallet
no kill rights
3 Remaps Availible

Starting bid - 80 bil
Buyout - 95 bil

(M9700 Onzo) #2

daily bump!!!

(Gattanera) #3

80 bil

(M9700 Onzo) #4

thank you for the offer its to early for me to settle for 80 cause i can strip for about that much.

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(M9700 Onzo) #5

daily bump

WTB Naglfar or Hel Pilot
(Vakond) #6

82 bil

(M9700 Onzo) #7

thanks for the bid but im gonna still keep waiting

(M9700 Onzo) #8

topic is closed stripping SP instead

(system) #9

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