Sold ty

83b for the 2 nyx’s and the hel :slight_smile:

Edit Whoops make that 123b for the 3 supers i cannot math today


for saleeeee

Hey how much the Bus ?

It’s almost… as if… the priceesss… are right… theeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :eyes:

Was reading/answering another post ^^

you want a buster or no buster now :joy:

This Bus is in a space far away of me ^^

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1 avatar + 1 leviathan + 1 nyx = 390b offer

Thanks for the offer, I’ll think about it :+1:

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retracted it would be a nightmare to move the hel

for sale

new stuff added

for saleee

new stuff added

avatar, rag and levi sold

erebus sold

for salee

top top top

One sold last one price lowered

for saleeeee