Coefficient of Inbreeding - New LS pirate corp - come & chill with likeminded PVPers

We are Coefficient of Inbreeding, a newly formed laid back PVP focussed corp. We live in LowSec on the edge of a Faction Warfare zone so we have good access to a range of PVP options. We’re also close to both NPC and Sov Null for more PVP options.

Looking for people who want to just chill on comms and blow up spaceships. No mandatory requirements or CTAs, just fun PVP

Killboard: Coefficient of Inbreeding | Corporation | zKillboard

Join Discord for a chat: Coefficient of Inbreeding

I flew with that guy for quite a time, great FC, smart person and a great buddy to fly along side!
Consider that corp!

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Closed on polite reuqest of the Op.