Collectors edition Interbus Shuttle

The interbus shuttle was a special collectors edition item for those of us who purchased the box edition of eve back in the day. It is a complete slap in the face CCP to offer it as an item for sale on the website.

I will make it my personal mission to pop anyone flying an interbus shuttle that isnt an aged account.

So, if you purchased your interbus shuttle through this “Special” package, you better not undock in it. You will be hunted.


The way I see it, this is exactly why they are sold. To make content for players like you and me. I already got one. :wink:


Awesome way to turn grief into content. Most people would just cry and quit.

Happy Hunting!

What about others who got it back before the “slap in the face” though?

Not sure about others but I believe we are rather safe from your wrath… as you have no wrath…

Darqen Tasquenesk | Character | zKillboard

How do you know how old a character is? This char was born in Feb 2020. I have been playing since 2007.

Lol, i have plenty of wrath, i just came back to the game. Your doxxing means nothing to me, but for you, i’ll pop you just for fun.

Also, who says this is the character i am using.

Just another high sec ganker. Lol. you wouldnt be able to handle a real fight. Your just one of those players who runs away as soon as a real fight shows up. I bet you gank pre-aligned.

Where are your insults or did you purposefully want to sound like an entitled High sec carebear anti-PvP miner?


You are in horde which means your alliance would just pay me anyway if you ever were able to pop my shuttle.

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Closed by polite request of the Op.

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