Combat doesn't pay. Or does it?

PvP is pricey. You lose the ship & you have to replace it.

Rats can pop you if you get unlucky too. PvE.


If you have the patience of a saint then combat pays, but if you are a typical gamer you won’t have the patience of a saint. That training queue is mega slow, and those drops are mega rare.


In DnD if you drive a cart about trading you’ll earn some XP. If you kick in a couple of Orcs along the way you will earn a bit more XP, and some extra loot. EVE does the extra loot, but not the extra XP.

Is it time for Rats to drop the occasional “+2 to your stats for 24 hours” boosters to cover this?


Just a thought. I know that the World of Warcraft crowd will have trouble with how slow the EVE training queue is. And they love a loot drop. A simple “+2 for 24 hours” shouldn’t break anything either.

2p deposited.

…This sounds like the wrong game for you.

Eve players are entitled to nothing but death at the hands of another. You want something, take it from someone else.

I’m horrible at PvP combat and always lose my ships. I PvP assuming I’m going to take a loss. However missions/rats are a different story and I never lose ships there unless I do something incredibly stupid. Doing PvE combat earns me the highest IPH (Isk Per Hour) I can get and is how I fund my occasional PvP attempts. If you’re dying in PvE I would recommend getting some help from your corp to improve your build and/or skills. If you don’t have one yet, join the E-UNI chat channel. The Eve University people are very nice and helpful getting newbros going (I learned a lot from them).

Sometimes even then it is out of your hands.

i thought that request looked similar, it reminded me of buffs you can get for a hour from some anime lookalike mmo’s. pvp can be pricey but that depends on how good you are and who you fly with. Some groups have really decent players and can easily net a massive profit / loss ratio.

with regards to the +2 for 24 hours, I’m going to take that as a 24 hour buff to your learning stats. Depending on the skill rank level and current stats that extra +2 stats can be very beneficial and it could range from a few hours saved upto a few days saved on learning a skill.

I have some terrific advice for you good sir .

You can actually profit from pvp if you have a cloaky alt ,
get him in a SB and fit a cargo extender or two , then once a fleet battle
ends , loot away , dive in and out .Trust me , it works

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