COMC Inc is now accepting applications!

Tired of all the drama? Tired of all the high sec? Here at Cult of the MooCow Incorporated, we feel your pain!! Many years have gone into getting to where we are now but we are finally ready to open the doors! Like chewing your cud? Ever find yourself letting out a MOO! for no reason at all? Red meat lover?! If so then you’d fit right in!!! So talk to a local, friendly ::snickers::, helpful ::laughs:: cult recruiter today!

Cult of the MooCow…where you’re not just ‘One of the Herd’

We offer:

Relatively stable NPC Nullsec
Industry, mining, and boosts.
1% Tax
No CTA’s
You can pretty much, for now, do what you want. Rat, mine, do plexes, pvp, your choice!!
Friendly atmosphere.
Help if needed.

Currently seeking Industrialists, miners, and pvp’ers.
Seeking Cult Recruiters!
Seeking experienced FC’s and capital pilots.

Get in now at ground level!

Contact myself, Dragy Slave, or Isabelle Severasse for more information.

Still looking, need small gang pvp’ers! Bump.

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