Come Fly With Miners Legion

Do you want to experience Eve with a fun group rather than all alone? Has your corp gone inactive? Do you crave PVP? Would you like to make more ISK and have fun while doing so? Are you a returning vet who wants a new home? Are you a new pilot trying to learn how to play Eve? Miners Legion - a founding member of Already Replaced - offers opportunities for visionary, entrepreneurial and combat oriented players. Join us today!

What we seek:

  1. A willingness to PVP. no experience necessary, we will gladly work with and train you.
  2. Omega clone status.
  3. A working mic and the ability to get into TS comms.
  4. A willingness to train for PVP doctrine ships. Logi always welcome.
  5. A willingness to become a part of our family.
  6. If you can already fly capitals that is a plus.

What we have to offer:

  1. A knowledgeable member base who can guide you in Eve with a leadership who actually plays alongside you.
  2. Active members in both the corp and the alliance.
  3. Access to Null sec ISK making via ratting, gas pocket mining, and Null Ore anoms.
  4. A friendly RL first environment. Eve doesn’t have to be your life, we all have families and responsibilities.
  5. Access to both alliance level PVP operations and larger coalition level PVP operations.

If this is you, enlist in Miners Legion by having a chat with us in “.M.L. Public” channel, on our corp discord: or convo or PM to the recruiters listed below.

Best regards,

The Recruitment Team
Choc talar, CEO
John Fascia, Director
Braydon, Recruiter
WhiteSage, Recruiter

Always looking for more PVP pilots to join our little family, newbros welcome, industrial players welcome as well

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