Complementary Station Corvette

I noticed at stations I am offered a complementary corvette. Is this a one time deal? Or can I get multiple at a same station if I need some later. For example, I need a ship in System A, but it’s not for sale here. I go to Jita in my Tormentor and buy it, but now I’m in Jita and both the Tormentor I used to get to Jita and the ship I buy I want to be in System A but I can only pilot one. Getting a free ship would allow my to fly to where I want to buy the ship and then take it to where I want to use it. But if it’s a one time deal, then unless I get a freighter to fit multiple ships I’m stuck with the same problem.

You can get the free Corvette as many times as you want, at as many stations as you want…

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Yay, I won’t be stranded from my ships!

What problem? You can just fly in you capsule.

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You can’t get more than one at a station at a time however… not until you trash it…

So basically, I can use this to pick up a ship and then destroyer so it’s free again.

Yes you can get a new free Corvette at any time.

Keep in mind it’s a pretty bad ship though, if you can buy another ship instead, use that. :grin:

If you need to travel any reasonable distance then a shuttle is an option. They cost around 20,000, and warp and align fast. It doesn’t take much to destroy one though.

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THIS! Travelling by shuttle is very smooth.

And a shuttle is the easiest item to build, you just need Tritanium and a cheap blueprint, so I’ve got always at least half a dozen shuttles at my home stations just for traveling.
If you want to travel even quicker, you should try a Leopard. Got some blueprint copies while ratting, since then it’s my favorite cruising ship.

I don’t care, all I want is the ability to get ships to my home station…

Good to know!

I just realized the “board my corvette” actually just teleported the one I had fit since it had the civilian afterburner I put on it.

Well, if one keep moving(warping) is quite hard to kill it. Off course, smartbombs do exist, but one will not be much better in a corvette or even a tech 1 frigate when facing that.

Sad… I never experienced them myself but I heard about them. This is a bit off topic, but just my unexperienced thoughts based on what I’ve heard (anyone on the receiving end of smatbombs feel free to correct me). I bet in larger fights, a frigate tackler trying to use a warp scrambler (the 8 km one) against a capital will just be wasting his time since the victim will just blow him up with a smartbomb.

There are no 8 km smartbombs, these are very short range weapons. Smartbombing is not too easy, but yeah, in Lowsec, Smartbombing is a valid way to catch flies (shuttels and frigates) if you know where they land.

Oh OK, cool

In a big fight you follow the FC’s instructions the better you can. Even if that means you get blow up.
That is because in a good ally/corp with good FCs that is the best chance to accomplish the objectives (including taking care of individual losses so ).

And if you are not in a good ally/corp with good FCs, well…then you were screwed way before that fight even started.

That said, in that scenario chances are that the pilot in the capital have more SP, more knowledge of the game and more determination than the guy in a frigate. Is as lopsided as a fight can be. Without backup the frigate is barely a nuisance.

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