Complete Perfect Battle Capital BPO Set 10/20 (ready for manufacture)

All BPOs are 10/20. Located in an accessible High Sec station near Jita.
I sell only PACKS, no single BPO sale atm.

Capital Ships BPO: 78b

  • Archon Blueprint
  • Chimera Blueprint
  • Nidhoggur Blueprint
  • Thanatos Blueprint
  • Moros Blueprint
  • Naglfar Blueprint
  • Phoenix Blueprint
  • Revelation Blueprint
  • Apostle Blueprint
  • Lif Blueprint
  • Minokawa Blueprint
  • Ninazu Blueprint

Capital Parts BPO: 23b

  • Capital Armor Plates Blueprint
  • Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint
  • Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint
  • Capital Computer System Blueprint
  • Capital Construction Parts Blueprint
  • Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint
  • Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
  • Capital Jump Drive Blueprint
  • Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint
  • Capital Power Generator Blueprint
  • Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint
  • Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint
  • Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint
  • Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint
  • Capital Siege Array Blueprint
  • Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint

Aux Capital Parts BPO: 27b

  • Gravimetric-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
  • Ladar-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
  • Magnetometric-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
  • Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
  • Capital Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint
  • Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint
  • Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal Blueprint
  • Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint
  • G-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
  • R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
  • S-R Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
  • U-C Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
  • Life Support Backup Unit Blueprint

Estimated complete pack price: 132b

prices for ^^

  • Thanatos Blueprint
  • Archon Blueprint

All Capital BPO Parts?

All Aux Cap parts?

Pack prices are updated. Split into 3 separate packs. I don’t plan to sell single BPOs, only whole packs.

Really HIGH prices on cap ship BPOS. Best of luck selling the non meta as a pack.

Thanks, I’m not in a hurry atm. So I will take a look how it goes :slight_smile: I guess this sort of goodies has somewhat losed the demand after the changes to cap manufacture :thinking:

Can currently buy the Capital parts cheaper on Contracts

Capital Armor Plates Blueprint| 1,300,000,000
Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint| 1,390,000,000
Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint| 1,300,000,000
Capital Computer System Blueprint| 1,200,000,000
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint| 1,200,000,000
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint| 1,550,000,000
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint| 949,000,000
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint| 2,000,000,000
Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint| 1,750,000,000
Capital Power Generator Blueprint| 1,540,000,000
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint| 1,530,000,000
Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint| 1,540,000,000
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint| 1,400,000,000
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint| 1,750,000,000
Capital Siege Array Blueprint| 1,940,000,000
Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint| 1,750,000,000

Total| 24,089,000,000

You the meta is bad when the best counter to Revelations with 2x EM and 2x Thermal hardeners is more Revs with 2x EM and 2x Thermal hardeners lol. It’s slowly changing though…


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