Concord Reserved Space

This is an area of space that has the highest security level and is for Concord R an D projects, Once you enter the gate you have the normal invisibility period but after that period you have a ten sec count down to get away from the gate. 10 Km markers will appear around the ship if any ship enters within 10km of your ship Concord will destroy you, exiting the system you will have to be prepared for being targeted because the gate itself will break the 10 km marker. If you target another player Concord will destroy you, cargo scan, loot anything will get you destroyed shield barriers will appear in certain parts of space this it is a point of no return area leading to an R and D stations if you cross the barrier you will be fallowed by Concord certain ships under testing may target you, certain guidelines will be given to you speed changes, course corrections not obeying any orders will get you destroyed. Mining rules will be heavily enforced any asteroids breaking the 10km of your ship will get you destroyed.

why? to give you an idea of what total control looks like? to destroy bots? it’s only an idea not the latest development patch.

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