Cormacks set + others

Prices are rough jita recent market values.

Cormack’s Modified Multispectrum Energized Membrane - 42B
Cormack’s Modified Damage Control - 48B
Cormack’s Modified EM Energized Membrane - 1.3B
Cormack’s Modified Explosive Energized Membrane - 1.3B
Cormack’s Modified Kinetic Energized Membrane - 750M
Cormack’s Modified Thermal Energized Membrane - 1.2B

  • Entire set for 90B

Dark Blood Capital Cap Booster - 9.5B
Domination 10000mn Afterburner - 1.8B
Draclira’s Modified Heat Sink - 20B
Cormack’s Modified Sensor Booster - 10B

Wyvern Ultraviolence Vortex SKIN - 3.45B

5b for ab/cap booster

why is one cormacks sebo going for 10b and the other cormacks sebo going for 15b?

The prices were pulled from jita, not the forums :slight_smile:


I’ll take the 10B Sebo


Cormack’s Modified Energized Kinetic Membrane - 800M
For private sale to me

contract up

I’ll take the Cormacks ENAM

Current offer is 45 if you can beat it - Nvm to late, contract was accepted :smiley:


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