Corp looking to join high/low sec merc alliance

We have some excellent scanners, hunters, and some decent ships. What we are looking for is experience and a place where we can learn.

We are a close group on real life friends that haven’t played EvE in a couple years but recently dived back in. Our corporation includes a couple veterans from the golden days of TEARS and a handful of newer players. We quickly discovered that with all the new PVE content and low salvage prices that ninja salvaging wasn’t going to cut it anymore. A couple adventures into lowsec was all it took to get hooked on PVP. That being said our skillset lies more in highsec hunting rather than lowsec brawling.

Eastern US timezones. We are all adults and have headsets.

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You guys dont necessarily need anyone else from the sound of things, if you can deal with the sec hits a few vexors and a logi and you can get some killer gate camps going. All you need is one guy with a long point and someone to remote Sebo him.

Hey @Urkal

If you’re interested in living in lowsec we might be a good fit for you all.

ARSON Industries is a lowsec pvp alliance that lives in the Solitude region. We’re an experienced group of PvPers that has lived in the Solitude region for many years. Our activity is mostly in the US TZ during the weekdays and more general all around TZ activity on weekends. We have several active FCs that try hard to deliver us good content every week as well as many casual FCs that run gate camps and roams.

There are also plenty of PvE opportunities in the region with DEDs, Moon Mining, PI, and of course ratting for clone soliders/mordu/faction spawns. There is a lot of wealth to be made and many targets to fight in our region and we’d welcome anyone who wants to participate. :slight_smile:

We use Teamspeak 3 for voice comms and Discord for alliance pings/general chat. If you’re interested convo Arctanis in game or join our public channel Open Filth for a chat. Check out our killboard below to see what we do.

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