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I recently returned to eve from a long break. Joined up with my old Corp. A very large Corp in null. Apparently there have been many changes. One change is regarding ratting ships. They now have only a few hubcap ships that we are allowed to be ratting with. If your caught they sometimes destroy the offending individuals ship. And I don’t mean just for srp program. I mean at all. Ever. I Used to rat in a navy apoc, nightmare, and some sites I used my paladin. I have never lost a ship to rats before and tachyon lasers melted the rats at almost 200km with ease
So anyway, the only two battleships they list are not ships im well versed or skilled in. Mostly drone based which I’m not a big fan of. Or of course carriers. So in light of my low interest in reskilling for drones and artillary and my disliking being told what to do and exactly how to do it in my own money making time (I completely understand fleet doctrine), I am probably going to search for a new home. Do you guys think I will have any problem finding a new Corp while just leaving a large one? Do the big corps consider even f1 grunts like myself as an enemy so no can join?

You should be fine joining a new group in null.

They’ll run background checks and probably ask question. Just give them honest answers.

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as said scipio, i think that most null corps won’t force you to use a specific subcap ship for ratting. The ship types are usually driven by npc type and damages dealt/resist holes etc.
You could find some recommendations about fits for capitals/supers, and if you fit your cap/super otherwise, then you will be ask to “die quietly and not call for help”. But i don’t see why you could not use the bs you want to rat…


lol, sure they will, but once you are in, i don’t thnik they will force you to rat in a specifc ship type

@Corrigan_United_Glorious your solution is “simple”; If your play-style nolonger fit within your old corp then it could very well mean you’ll have to “leave the nest” and find a new home where you can do what you want to. You should of course try to get as much/many of your assets out of their space before actually quitting the corp or you could just see if any of your Corp/Alliance mates would want to buy.

Your old Corp sound like dicks.

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