Corp recruiting active players


We are on a recruitment drive to boost our numbers.
Are you looking for a way into null sec, give us a try.
There is no joining fee.

We try to cover most aspects within EVE,
so you should always find something to do,
wether it is mining, PVP, PVE or just random fun fleets.

We have comms, forums,SRP in place.
As comms we are using the highly recommended Teamspeak.

We accept both new and old players.

We are a friendly bunch, can’t go wrong there.
send a mail to

or join our in game recruiting channel
.527. recruitment

Looking for a few great players to add your uniqueness to our collective :wink:

Old players looking for greener pastures, or returning to the game - We want you! Your knowledge and experience are highly valued.

New player? (Omega only) Then open up a new realm of education in Null sec. with our experienced players-

As stated above, have much to offer - A great Null sec Alliance, a wide range of corp activities, PVE Pvp and SRP!

Send a Mail to Shockwaves2009

or join our in game recruitment channel
.527. recruitment