Corp recruitment for training, casual PvP, and money making opportunities

Good day and hello to everyone. I am Sziagzven Beotul, officially referred to as Nyx, the CEO of Legion of Heathens. After extensive solo work, designing training opportunities for pilots of any kind, and developing relations with other groups this is my official recruitment announcement for the masses.

Officially for my alliance I am the PVE and knowledge guy for money making for the individuals trying to not pay out of pocket or for those that are looking for more lucrative ideas alike. We have access to all kinds of different avenues on the front and can facilitate based on individual needs.

If you are new to the game out right welcome and also this is a great place to train in both PVE and PVP as we have individuals that can assist with either side of that. If you are a returning pilot welcome back. If you have missed something while you were gone we can catch you up relatively quickly. Regardless of being new or old we offer training from basic UI understanding to more complex things like evasion and escape from dangerous situations and so on. There are no dumb questions.

We at Manifesto encourage growth among its players. Also, ITS A GAME! We’re here to have fun right?

Diplo contact: Sziagzven Beotul
Corp Tag: HL4E

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