Corporate Risk Holdings - Mining - PVE - Moon Station

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Corporate Risk Holdings is recruiting new and old industrial oriented capsuleers who are looking for a layed back place to do whatever they want.

The Corp is run by two friends in real life.

CEO and director are experienced in most areas of eve been playing on and off since 2007.

We have a moon mining station, orca, and refinery.
In search of mining fleet and pve activities. Little pvp and null sec coming soon.
We do small low sec roams from time to time.

We are in the Kador area.

Our core business is mining and hoarding isk.

We are looking for:

Very small gang pvp

Corp Summary:
4% tax
High sec and low sec anomolies
Moon Mining
Alpha or Omega clones
US timezones
Mining fleets
Ore buy back program
Corporation insurance program for mining barges
And all other industrial related activities
Join in-game channel: CorporateRiskHoldings

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