Corporation Recruitment Only For The Finest Pilots US/EU

Argos Services - Recruiting US/EU All Pilots Welcome

  • Upcoming Corporation - Sustainable Income -
    -Need Pilots For:
    -Mass Fleet Battles
    -Mass Mining Trips
    -Video Content
    Corporation Can Provide Effective Training
    Active DISCORD!!

Our Corporation is a place where you can truly learn the game, meet new people from around the world, and effectively work as a team. We strive to produce only the finest of Pilots, the Ones who can think for themselves and create new and effective tactics.

“We’re more than just a Corporation. We’re a Family.” -Darion (Ricochet) Argos, CEO/Founder

recruiting in ncq&a is bad form,

do it here :arrow_down:

Awesome recruitment post.

Needs just a few more buzzwords, and a little bit more vagueness.

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