Corporation Tracking

Does anyone know of any apps or third party websites that can be used to keep track of corporation info (market orders/wallet transactions etc.)?

That stuff should be in the api, guessing there are some apps for that here:

yea spreadsheets in google and the crest api… :slight_smile: fuzzworks has some of the info there. Im actually just learning most of this stuff now. the basics I mean. Ive used spreadsheets before but Im not great with the functions. so I had to learn googlesheet basics… and still am learning the basics. But I can tell you that apps are made yea, but unless I develop them,… cough, Im not sure I want to use them. I dont mind making my own sheets for data pulling. There is also a chance that this guy here is making some more advanced tutorials soon but its been ten months since his last mention of doing so in one of his dynamic spreadsheet vids…

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