Corporations & Alliances that are deemed to be honorable and stable

So basically as a new capsuleer on Eve online, I’ve been approached by a few guys already inviting me to their fleets, the last guy was quite pushy.

I’d like to join a stable faction whereof I can do honorable tasks and learn the game.
People recommended Eve University, but I’m curious on how the speculations between the community goes when it comes to reputation in the world and who you guys respect and for what reasons.

Eager to hear your opinions and stories if you do have some!

I reccomend Safety.

There has never been a more honorable and upstanding alliance.

Applications are now available for just 1 billion isk.

If you are new and want to learn different things in the game I would also recommend Eve university and Silent Company. Both are newbro friendly and allow you to learn and grow.

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