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Cosmos Mindset

Friendly & welcoming environment to all. Our cosmos industrialists are from all over the world, and are at different stages in their eve careers. From new players to old returning players, there is a place for everyone here.

Real life always comes first. No corp activities are/will ever be mandatory - you can enjoy all of cosmos, a bit of cosmos, or none of cosmos. The choice is yours :slight_smile:

Cosmos Industriel in game logo
Cosmos Industrial, High Sec Corporation

We love industry and everything that comes with it: mining, manufacturing, research, planetary production, hauling and more - you’ll find capsuleers enjoying various industrial paths at Cosmos. But we also love the wide variety of things New Eden has to offer. Wormhole addicts, bloodthirsty pvpers and mission specialists are amongst the many types of players in Cosmos’ ranks.

What do we require for high sec?.. nothing, all are welcome to join the fun

Collective in game logo
Cosmos Collective, Null Sec Corporation

Besides Cosmos Industrial, Cosmos also has a home in null-sec with Cosmos Collective. We’re a proud member of Goonswarm Federation, enjoying the benefits and experience they provide in all areas of the game. Life in null can be challenging and is not recommended from day 1 for new players, but it can be a lot of fun and something to aim for. If you’re interested in this just ask, our alliance is very new player friendly but we will require an audit of each alt that joins Collective.

What can we offer you:

Alliance PvP fleets daily
Great space to rat
Access to Corp/Alliance moon mining
Industry setup
Close knit community

What we require to join our null sec Corporation:

Full ESI checks
Working mic
5 Million skill points minimum

CEO looking for a home?

Cosmos Origins our high sec alliance is willing to accept any corporation that shares our values. Any CEO that wants a friendly home with the space and help to grow feel free to poke me :slight_smile:. Your corporation will have access to a fantastic high sec setup along with training for all aspects of the game by experienced fc from Cosmos

Feel free to join our recruiting discord with any questions

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