Cosmos Industrial - High Sec - Null Sec - New players welcome

Cosmos Mindset

Friendly & welcoming environment to all. Our cosmos industrialists are from all over the world, and are at different stages in their eve careers. From new players to old returning players, there is a place for everyone here.

Real life always comes first. No corp activities are/will ever be mandatory - you can enjoy all of cosmos, a bit of cosmos, or none of cosmos. The choice is yours :slight_smile:

We love industry and everything that comes with it: mining, manufacturing, research, planetary production, hauling and more - you’ll find capsuleers enjoying various industrial paths at Cosmos.But we also love the wide variety of things New Eden has to offer. Wormhole addicts, bloodthirsty pvpers and mission specialists are amongst the many types of players in Cosmos’ ranks.

Besides Cosmos Industrial, Cosmos also has a home in null-sec with Cosmos Collective. Multiple corp/Alliance members live there either partially or permanently - this allows cosmos to have access to a wide range of resources needed for industrial expansion. Life in null can be challenging and is not recommended from day 1 for new players, but it can be a lot of fun and something to aim for. If you’re interested in this let us know when in the corp and we will get you working on the skills needed

We Offer:
Newbro help and advice
Regular mining fleets
Moon mining hs/null
Ore buy-back
Help with ship set-ups
New pilot Induction sessions
Null sec training
Chance to join null sec sister corp when ready

For Cosmos Industrial or Cosmos Collective
Join our recruitment discord server or in game chat channel Cosmos Recruiting and say hi :slight_smile:


Hello my name is Morrn. I have been gone since like 2011 or so lol. I came back to a dead corp. Your corp sounds like fun. Im Gallente, I think about 20m sp. I love goofing around and laughing with peeps. That was ALWAYS my favorite part of Eve. I NEED fun people to play with. I dont have a mic atm so I can only talk via txt in game but Ill try to get one soon. Hope to hear from ya!

Hey, I’ll send you an invite mate

returning player with multiple toons im interested . looks like your discord link is broken


Fixed the link and sent a in game invite


Im totally sorry, I just saw this reply now. I didnt see an invite in game. Now I’ve been away for a LONG time, so maybe Im just dumb and not seeing it? Can you send it again? Also just to be safe, where do I look for it? In my mails?

See you made it in, welcome to Cosmos mate