Courier contract search issue

Its definitely something wrong with the search engine. For example, I’m trying to find some hauler contracts (search parameters: all regions, minimal reward 20 mil, collateral up to 5 bil, cargo size up to 62500). I have 4 pages as the search result. First two pages are totally blank: no contracts at all. When I click 3rd page, “Slow down!” message appears. I have to wait for 30-40 seconds before switching to page 3 and finally to see some search results. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

That’s by design, CCP’s ancient design. You have blocked too many entities, which fill the first 2 pages with their scam contracts. Sadly, they are not completely removed from the contract search results but only hidden, in contrast to the security level options. One can only hope that CCP fixes this in the next 2 decades.

Thank you for the explanation. Will treat that as Eve’s bureaucracy simulator :slight_smile:

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