Covert Research Division Now Hiring

We are currently looking for pilots in USA timezones who are interested in all things PvP including BLOPs drops. We are not interested in joining any alliances.

Access to A,B,C Ores at local refineries. Facilities catering to all industrialists - mining, research, copying, building ect.

We have pilots who are willing to teach, both in PvP and PvE. We also offer SHIPfree, Buy-Back Program, SRP, Forums, Discord, Movie Nights, Field Trips, SIGs, Twitch hosting, ect. We’re looking for ACTIVE players only!


  1. Discord and Forum use (both have mobile apps) Mandatory, no exceptions!
  2. Must be a team player, good attitude and ACTIVE.
  3. Working Mic for fleets.

Discord Recruitment Channel

Contacts in game

Aleksandr Kathil-
Kyros Moliko-
Alatari Yassavi

Covert Research Division KB

Name: Jodka
Contact info: EvE mail (Jodka)
SP: 53m (armor,logi,BLOPS,frigates)
Age: 27
languages: English
Timezone: GMT-8
Professional Summary
I’m a wild man, give me a goal and it will be done. If you don’t have the resources for what you want, I will make them then train people to carry out the task.
My education is in Cognitive Science, along with a background in office work, management, and mathematics. All skills that bolster a myopic work ethic to get the job done.

Additional Highlights
.1% IQ

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