Crucial Contribution - Laid back highsec corp - Mining, PvE etc

A laid back corp. Operating in high-sec (mostly Caldari space). New player friendly.

Mining and missioning are activities that are easy to cooperate in, however we also do other activities like trading and planetary interaction…where every man is for himself basically :stuck_out_tongue:

New players could expect to get some help, especially in above mentioned fields.

Some of us also play other games like World of Tanks and Neverwinter Nights 1. Some are from Sweden and some are forum warriors (theese are not requirements to join though).

It is required to have Teamspeak installed (and a headset) and ability to use it sometimes. Also it is necessary that you have good communication skills in English (Swedish is a plus). Apart from that there are really not many other requirements other than that you should fit well into the group and have at least one jumpclone/alt/main in Caldari-space, like within 8 jumps from Jita.

Speak with the CEO, Magnus Orly, if you would like to join.

Bump! Cmon guys lets do some relaxing co-op :grinning:

“Bumpy Johnson”


Could you send me a mail in game please?

Well…I replied to yours :grinning:

This new co-op thing sounds interesting! Join up guys!

Resource wars.

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