CSM 15 Month In Review

Thanks Brisc for taking the time to capture and sum this up. Some good dialogue here which is great to see.

Thank you for the extensive explanation. It sounds a lot like faction warfare for null.

Excellent informative post: really like that you identified the Devs that the CSM met with and what their roles are at CCP. You remain the best example of detailed information and responsiveness on the CSM (sorry Mike, you are a close second).

I would like to second the idea of having one “go to source” for any CCP announcements on gameplay and changes. Unfortunately I do not have very much time to be able to view all the different channels,sites, media sources, etc. and am frequently caught somewhat off guard by changes. Other times, CCP promises updates before a major change happens then drops the changes sans updates/warnings. Please work with them to condense the amount of time between any source releasing the new info and the entire community becoming aware of any future changes. Their community relations department should have a EVE news aggregate page where they maintain important information via all sources and it is updated quickly and frequently. We shouldn’t have to search a video made on an obscure channel or a post from an official CCP dev on another site to get major news about EVE.

Thanks for your activity on the CSM.


Honestly, they’re essentially ratting drama creation devices in nullsec. Goons have banned them from all their systems, and they are largely just used by smaller groups because the big groups don’t want to deal with people bitching. Folks often don’t understand how they work - they see their ticks being reduced without realizing the longer it’s up the more they make, and they can get absurdly butthurt when somebody goes in and steals it. I’ve seen folks almost come to blows over demands that somebody reimburse their ratting losses when someone’s stole an ESS payout.

It will be interesting to see if these generate the kind of content that they’re expected to, or if they just become a consolation prize for roaming gangs who can’t catch the bots before they warp off.

If Goons has banned them then why is CCP doing this?

I know, right? It’s blowing everybody’s preconceived notions apart.

Goons just didn’t want to pay for them.