CSM meeting

(Dom Arkaral) #21

nothing wrong with that
drones don’t need any more speed


even more nope
UNLESS you want 4-4 to be flashy yellow 24/7 :joy:

that’s the point… diversity… holy wow

because they’re not combat ships… how convenient

it still works…

8% without crystal… lul

nothing wrong with that, also, lowseccers also have the right to go into highsec whenever they please. so you’d lock out more than you originally planned (I’m so surprised /s)

no place is safe, working as intended

kill them, problem solved
better even, change belts (ZOMG THE EFFORT REQUIRED)

all in all, you sound like a bot-aspirant with all your safety requests :joy:

(Dragos Highwind) #22

I’ll give some constructive feedback unlike the inevitable trol… he’s fast got it up before I even finished this sentence.

  1. The Orca has 5 mid slots, if your own output is a concern then sacrifice a slot for drone speed. Unfortunately, a change of this nature just increase the capability of a afk solo drone miner which is a bad thing.

  2. Agreed. When people constantly ask if a exploited tactic is legal and ticks people off, it may want to be looked at.

  3. Agreed a balance/redesign pass is likely needed. Since newer players are often drawn to some of these role it can be a killjoy to find out the lack of usefulness of some of the ships or lack of progression in others.

  4. That sounds like a glitch was fixed. Putting it back in would be a bit counter productive to bug fighting.

  5. The cost of the modules is in line, the problem is other options made from over farmed resources have become extremely cheap. Making a T2 variant stronger just makes the T1 module cheaper, creating a creep cycle of cost vs power. Having mining modules be made of salvaging material may help normalize the prices more for example.

  6. Agreed that the consequences for pirates in highsec are a little odd. Not being arrested on site when landing at an NPC station is a head scratcher. I’d prefer to see neg rating pilots be actively hunted NPCs in high sec space.

  7. Ransoming and renter tactics will never go away. However addressing 2 and 6 help remove tools.

  8. This is already being addressed in the war deck changes.

  9. The NPC miners (to my knowledge) were added because the lack of competition in belts due to decrease player count left huge amounts of ore to be mined by “safe” miners. They implemented them to drive players toward other sectors in search of higher mining profits. This is their purpose, removing mass quantity of ore.

However, the time zone discrepancy is indeed a thing. Since they spawn at 6am EST that’s 12 hours of not only NPCs but PCs chipping away at the available pockets. The optimal answer is have the asteroids spawn like anomolies throughout the day, but I’m guessing that is a coding limitation.

(Brisc Rubal) #23

Lemme dig it up, but I remember it being something along the lines of removing isogen from Spudomain, adding something to Ochre, and a few other things. I don’t think it was just a mex buff, although you and I both hear that a lot.

EDIT: Dug it up

  1. Remove isogen from Spod
  2. Lower pyerite yield from Gneiss
  3. Slightly lower pyrerite yield from Spod
  4. Add a slight amount of Mex to Ochre to make it more useful

So, yeah, there’s a little mex buff.

Also had a request to require the rest of BCs to use noxcium in their building, as only Caldari ships do now.

(Kiddoomer) #24

Asteroid belts being transformed into ore anomalies could resolve a good part of the NPC miners problem with downtime (if these npc can go into these anoms that is). That way every miners is annoyed the same and not only people that log in late.

As for mining, first could a 25% nerf to the drone yield of orca be planned, or a nerf to the tank, these ships are a little too much go-to in highsec and way harder to gank than any proper mining ship. And second thing, the retriever/mackinaw ship is sad to see as it is, using a proc/skiff is better solo (way less risks of gank and can kill/tank ns rats), and covetor/hulk is perfect for fleets. The only “convenience” of not warping in/out as much as the others doesn’t have the value of the ships (especially the exhumer).

(Buoytender Bob) #25

Do you have any rough agenda/topics program already laid out?
Looking to see what you are focused on as a group with the CSM; trying to add only anything else that might be missing (imo). Please keep those lines of communication open; any communication here on these forums beats the EVE version of telephone via reddit/mumble/discord.etc. Thank you.