Currin Trading: Guaranteed Mutual Fund

Currin Trading is now accepting applications to our prestigious GMF Program. Send me 1 billion isk in game, and I will sign you up for our program, with guaranteed returns of 10% monthly. Our elite station traders are standing by to put your isk to work!

Remember, when you want isk, call Currin!

This sounds even lower effort than your usual jita scams. A bit disappoint.

Not even a fake log or fancy website with falsified data. :frowning:

A vote of confidence from Scoots!

1: who the hell is Currin?

2: 1b ISK with 10% monthly returns looks nice. but what are the odds you not running away with my ISK?

this sounds interesting but sketchy at the same time.

1: Currin is the CEO of Currin Trading! He got his first big start in 2006, and hasn’t stopped since!

2: The odds of this being a scam are zero my friend. Currin Trading is brand known for its integrity and honest approach. With Currin, you always win - always!

Does Currin…ahem I mean James ever log in anymore?
Or is this your current iteration of alternate Identities?

If not then let Currin’s punk ass advertise for himself.

Sir, you flatter me! It is understandable that you might confuse me with James, but I assure you good friend that I most certainly do log in on a regular basis!

Now look, let’s get down to business. You are clearly familiar with our established reputation, and I know that you are looking for a sound investment portfolio. Well sir, I offer you my premium service, helping you to wisely invest on the ground floor of Currin Trading’s latest endeavor. This means that you will be at the top of the pyramid, and the isk will flow my friend. Yes, the isk must flow, always!

Why don’t I put you down for an initial trial investment of just ten billion isk. That way you can get your feet wet, and experience the rewards of Currin Trading membership for yourself. Please note, good sir, that this comes with a FREE mining permit for use in any system of the high security zone. Yes, that’s right, a FREE mining permit, if you invest just ten billion isk today. With a deal like that, how can you refuse?

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