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Cursed Absolution is a newly formed PVP Corp for Vets & Competent pilots willing to learn. We are EU/US TZ.

We have over 15 years experience playing EVE Online from Low to nullsec.

We are primarily focused on Lowsec, Fielding small gangs up to alliance capital fleets.

What you can expect from us and alliance.

-Small Gang PVP
-Gate Camping
-Alliance Fleets
-Capital Fleets
-Black ops
-Hot Drops

We are looking for people with 20 Million SP and above although exceptions can be made for the right individuals.

Contact Nutty Gavster or Karat37rus
or join public channel Cursed Absolution.

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Recruitment is OPEN

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Recruitment is still OPEN! Come join us and get some Pew

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Recruitment still going

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Plenty of PEW come join us

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Still looking for competent PVP/Cap Pilots

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