[CVA] Curatores Veritatis Alliance - Low/Null PVP - Looking For Active Corps

Still recruiting. Stop in and have a chat. We strive to provide an environment of fun and excitement and no drama. Well, maybe just a little drama now and then…

Come join EWI in CVA. We are still recruiting. Stop by and have a chat. Remember, in EWI average is exceptional.

Still recruiting. Laid back chill corp.

Still recruiting. Our corp and alliance offers mining and industrial opportunites, small scale pvp and fleet ops and we strive to have fun in a relaxing environment

CVA is a great home for new Corporations, or those looking to break from the Null Blue Blocs, to get back to basics, for a stress free play session. Find Comfort in our EU/US TZ activity. Regular PVP Content can be found in either TZ, or relax and hit our Moon Rocks with relative ease.

what Zoan said. and we have dank memes. especially looking for Minmatars and/or people into anime.

Hey just saw you add and would be interested in bring my corp to CVA. The name of my corp is TOTAL-RECALL T O T A L - R E C A L L | Corporation | zKillboard feel free to contact me on discord MavrickJeffery#7524 I will also be in your diplo channel in game.

Bump here for relevance. Come join CVA and ignore the rumors.

Join the anti-blue donut movement. Especially looking for Minmatar pilots to make fun of Amarrian ship doctrines.