CVA - (PVP/Null/Low) Eagle Wing Industries 🦅 [Looking for something new from EVE?]

bump Still looking for people to join up, still active.

The more the merrier!

Still recruiting.

Some say that bumping this thread will improve the chance of recruitment.

Time for a change of enviroment? Still recruiting!

Come join us, start your new chapter of EVE today! Fights to be had, isk to be earned.

What are you waiting for, recruit?

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CVA is offering you a new home, please speak up.

We are recruiting.


Join, undock and pew pew! Come get your killmarks with CVA.

We’re still looking for nerds

We always looking for new pilots, stop by and have a chat ^^

This corp is fun. Much guaranteed

I was once a lowly Minmatar slave. Pledging my lifelong service and fealty to CVA brought me freedom and citizenship. I now fight for the ideals of Amarr as CVA works toward ultimately reclaiming the motherland of Providence. Until that blessed day, we fight the good fight against all heretics. Come join our corp in fleets, industry and good times - especially dank memes. Amarr Victor!

bump still active and looking for players.

EWI is looking to grow it’s USTZ presence with YOU!

Check us out - looking for experienced players with pvp, pve, industrial or mining experience. Opportunities abound in these areas.

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