(PVP/NULL) Eagle Wing Industries is looking for new and experienced PVP pilots

Hey there capsuleers,

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Want to enjoy null sec sov content, while making a meaningful difference?

Join us in modernizing the second oldest active alliance [CVA] in New Eden, help us and our allies in this exciting time to grow and establish our foothold in Esoteria.

Join our Recruitment Discord to meet us.

Eagle Wing Industry is a PVP corporation and part of the CVA alliance. We are a multi-faceted alliance, with industrial roots and an active and engaging PVP scene.

We are an easy-going group, looking for new and experienced active fleet members who are looking to jump straight into and join fights in our small gangs or alliance offensive fleets within EU & US time zones.

EWI offers the support and expertise to long-time veterans of the game. We are in a privileged position to have the opportunity and infrastructure to participate in all scopes of conflict with our nearby allies and frenemies. We fly various doctrines, and we don’t partake in Muninns online.

We can offer the following:

Jita-competitive buyback on most resources.

Opportunity to run null sec combat anomalies

R64 moons to mine, with competitive buyback schemes.

Everything the industrialist desires: T1/T2/T3 reactions, up to capital production

Experienced marketeers/industrialists to learn from

Jump Freighter Service, secure hauling to any of our operating systems

Tax free PI infrastructure


Daily small and big fleets, strategic ops, camps and BLOPS

Friendly, experienced FC’s to learn from

Fleet SRP on alliance level

Stocked market with alliance ship fittings, as well as a healthy market to fit your own on the fly

Fresh and Fun doctrines, you’re not getting into a Muninn every fleet

Corporation zKillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98370987/ 53 1

We’re looking for pilots that:

Are able to communicate and cooperate as a team. A working microphone is a requirement.

Are able to fly at least a Guardian, Machariel, Proteus, or Legion

Willing to train into doctrine ships

Are engaged and thirsty for pvp content.

Are able to attend fleets when possible.

Want to take part in EWI and CVA’s community, from gate camps and ad-hoc roams, to CTAs and hot drops.

Are willing to make mistakes, and to learn from them. We don’t shy away from a challenge, and neither should you.

And most importantly are looking to have fun!

Join our recruitment Discord and contact our recruiters.

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