Cyno changes and wormhole mods

I for one like the cyno changes. To balance out the game and kind of retain jumping ability I purpose this. Create a mod for creating stable wormholes, but make it where you need 2 ships one at each end of the wormhole as an anchor. Make 4 classes of wormholes that can be open, small, medium, large and super. Each wormhole like random wormhole now only being able to support so much mass before closing. No set timer on how long it can be held open as long as both ships are still alive. Wormhole can close by reaching mass or one of the anchor ships being destroyed or both ships closing the wormhole. the big catch with player created wh is, it is like any wh and can be entered by any ship. Meaning say you open a wh to hot drop someone, they can enter your wh and jump to the other end. Also add a 5 secs timer once the hole is closed from either the 2 anchor closing it or one of the anchor ships being destroyed. Like from the movie jumper. the wh leaves a trace which can still be jumped thru for 5 secs. This also allows the anchor ship to go back thru the wh once it is closed, but also allows any other ship to enter it as well for the 5 secs.

Absolutely not. Stop trying to break areas of space you clearly dont go into.


Then why do you want to change them further?

Are you worried about your safety within your wormhole that you currently have full control over access to?
You should stop being scared of change and of risk.

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I used to think this was a good idea, now the only way this would be a good idea would be if we got new k-space you could only access via a wh, and you needed the WH to make a ‘gate’ to the rest of k-space. W space its self is fine.

lets crate more cynos. Dreds should use cyno I and cyno I is mounted on arazus.
Cyno IIa is used for cariers and is mounted on Rapiers
Cyno IIb is used by Hells and you can only mount it on badger
Cyno IIc is used by Rhea and can be mounted on Avatar only
Cyno IId is used by Ragnarok and can be mounted on ibis.

and this is next gen eve ship it will be able to use Cyno tech III. Only iteron mark IV can light it

So you basiclly want a titan bridge…

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