Czarna-Kompania Rekrutuje ( Polish speaking only )

Czarna-Kompania is Recruiting (Polish speaking only)

If you are looking for a corporation that offers not only intense PVP but also a friendly atmosphere Czarna-Kompania is the perfect place for you!

About Us:

  • Home System: C2 with static connections to C3 and HS
  • Main Activity: PVP

What We Offer:

  • Frequent PVP operations
  • Support from experienced players
  • An active community
  • Excellent opportunities for growth and learning
  • Welcoming both veteran and new players
  • C5 farming opportunities
  • Annual corporate meetup


  • Don’t be a jerk
  • Respect others and have fun with us in a good atmosphere
  • Willingness to fly, passion for the game and readiness to actively participate in our activities

Interested? Contact us on Discord: Czarna Kompania or in-game: Czarna-Kompania

See you in space, Czarna-Kompania


Rekrutacja otwarta

Tak z ciekawości jakie są prime godziny od was ? I kiedy floty etc ?

W większości standardowo czas EU, ale online jest niemal zawsze ktoś od rana do nocy
A wszystko głownie się dzieje 16-23 czasu Polskiego

daily bump

daily bump

A jaka jest taka stała liczba osób? ± . I jakieś najważniejsze doktryny ?

Zapraszam na naszego Discorda to pogadamy.

daily bump

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