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Brave enough to PvP as one wishes…

At Damage Inc, we do not offer an ordinary corporate environment. We are looking for people who like to view their personal info, and see that they have been a part of a corporation for more then a year. If you cannot see yourself in Damage Inc for more then 6 months, do not apply. If you cannot see yourself in Damage Inc for over a year, this may not be the place for you.

We are looking to recruit people, not accounts.

We don’t have obligations on active time in the pod, EVE is for fun. We are very keen on mature behavior respect and support of each other. We are all captains, even from the very first moment you take command of a ship. Voice communication is essential in our operations, so that means when in game be on Discord.

So despite our grim limitations and narrow-mindedness, we’re actually quite tolerant in RL. Honest. So trust us with your fate, we will squander it in an honorable and splendid fashion!

DAMAGE Inc… Communication Hubs:
Recruiting Channel: DNG-Recruitment

Recruitment " OPEN "

do you know minmatar ships:

"Yeah, yesterday I was trying to salvage one, took me twenty tries until the pilot

convoed me and told me to stop.

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