Deaths Consortium! - Sov Null PVP / PVE Corp - Large / Mid / Small Gang, No Requirements!

Deaths Consortium - Part of Intrepid Crossing!

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Hello there fellow Capsuleers!

Deaths consortium are now opening their doors to potential applicants. We are a smaller corporation based in Etherium Reach and pride ourselves on our organisation and Team! We consider our corp members team members, And everyone is Equal. We are part of PAPI and Panfam, And currently reside in Etherium reach, But also have interests in Amarr space, Delve war and Some Low sec PVP Content. Some of the regular content that we get is the bigger fights in Delve, some smaller blops drops in one of our staging’s, And them home defence… well at home.

Our Mission

As a corporation, Our mission is simple. To create a home for new players and older vets alike, where they can Login as they please, have fun and log off, While having the options for socialness while playing. We do offer a lot of options for our players, Most of which are highlighted below. We are directly aligned to a community discord called deaths corner, Which you can find out about at the bottom of this post.

What we offer:

:star2: Regular Fleets and content in one of our staging’s, There’s almost always something going on.
:star2: Alliance Wide SRP for Fleets and PVP.
:star2: R64 Moons for you to mine, Including a range of other ones.
:star2: Ratting space with good index’s and fully upgraded.
:star2: Relaxing and friendly atmosphere, In a no judgment zone.
:star2: Training fleets for almost everything.
:star2: Active community discord for you to chat in.
:star2: Regular Black Ops Fleets and Hunting Training for people interested.
:star2: No requirements or forced participation, you join when you can and RL first, Always!

If your interested, Get in contact with one of our recruiters, or join D3CO. Pub!

Deaths Corner

Deaths corner is a multi-game gaming community with a strong focus on Community and friendship. We are apart from other gaming communities because the games we offer are ones that not many other gaming community’s sponsor. We have sections for Phasmo-phobia, Eve online, Sea of Thieves, Dead by daylight and many more coming soon. Our staff team are always on hand to answer and questions you may have, And your more than welcome to join and chat away about any of the games we run, Or simply ask us and we may host your game!

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Back to the top, GET IN HERE BOYS

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I fully support my son Nuglord and this corporation. Join today!

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Last blops fleet was good fun!!!

Discord link has lost

No it should be working now, You must remember the discord link is a community discord not just associated with our corp, Other than that, We do hangout in there all the time!