Deaths Consortium! - Sov Null PVP / PVE Corp - Large / Mid / Small Gang, PVP Reward Schemes!

Deaths Consortium - Death will come!

Our Killboard

Deaths consortium is back to open recruiting. We are looking for players who are socially driven, Enjoy chilling and chatting while playing this real life simulation. We are a chill and laid back corp, With many benefits for our members to indulge in while under our banner. We offer rewards for the best players in the form of Plex and Medals, Aswell as joke medals for people who mess up in a funny way!

We are members of pandemic horde alliance, Which means we have access to all of the nullsec sov that they own, including Perrigen falls and Kalevala Expanse. We have some really good access to moons, Aswell as both corp and alliance provided infrastructure, All of which you can find out about below.

Our Corp Mission

When deaths consortium first founded, We aimed to build a home where people could come and chill and enjoy the game. As we started to grow, We actually found that we would be able to grow our corp into something much more, And so we started to grow into a multi-role corp, Being both specialised in PVP Small gang, PVP Large gang and industry / PVE. We built up some infrastructure and now we offer an amazing home for corp members, Where you can build to your hearts content, mine one of our many moons and enjoy a super chill enviroment.

:star2: Regular Fleets and content in our PVP Staging, There’s almost always something going on.
:star2: Alliance Wide SRP for Fleets and PVP.
:star2: Corp moons with super low tax, Including R32 moons privately owned by us.
:star2: Amazing industrial yard private to our corp, With 1% tax on Research and manufacturing.
:star2: Ratting space with good index’s and fully upgraded.
:star2: Relaxing and friendly atmosphere, In a no judgment zone.
:star2: Training fleets for almost everything you want to do, including hunting.
:star2: Alliance training classes for new bros - Were apart of the biggest new bro alliance going.
:star2: Regular Black Ops Fleets and Hunting Training for people interested.
:star2: Pap competitions for game time and ships!
:star2: 1 Fleet per month Requirement, but RL First always!

If your interested, Get in contact with one of our recruiters, or join D3CO. Pub! We will always be available to chat with you, even if were on fleets!


Bumping back up the top! New members are coming in nicely! Loads of new kills to the board!

Back to the top, GET IN HERE BOYS

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I fully support my son Nuglord and this corporation. Join today!

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@Nuglord hey, could you grab some ice cream on the way home? Vanilla please.

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Last blops fleet was good fun!!!

Discord link has lost

No it should be working now, You must remember the discord link is a community discord not just associated with our corp, Other than that, We do hangout in there all the time!

Bumping this back up, Recruitment is going really well! Killboards looking good!

Bumpy Bump Bump. Come give us a chat and see how you feel about us! You may not regret it :wink:

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Still recruiting!

Hey guys, what systems do you have? Just want to check them out before I make a decision to apply? I have a few other guys who will come with me if it suits us. Thanks


Were based in Etherium Reach, Drone lands region!


Hi, Cool, what sec status of systems do you have?

Our best is -0.9 :slight_smile: