Deaths Consortium! - Sov Null PVP / PVE Corp - Large / Mid / Small Gang, PVP Reward Schemes!

Up we go!

bump bump! XD

I bump u comrade

Up we go!

Sending this back up, We have just come off deployment and are back to peace time, Meaning we are stepping up our recruitment!

yooo bump

bump bump

weve added a recruitment video!

Great corp, lots of content pretty much 24h content

Bumping us up!

bumping UwU

Join up now to become an elite cyborg ninja in just two months I went from zero to hero!

Join D3CO. Hit me up in game and lets chat!

D3CO. Is an AWESOME Corp! Join Today! Join the Pub Channel in game!

Want to join the best corp in the game? Hit me up in D3CO. Pub Let’s have a chat!

First ever forum post! How about you take this bump and take a look at this sweet corp. I love it here and if your interested hhit me up in game!!!


bump uwu

Flying High

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