Deaths Consortium! - Sov Null PVP / PVE Corp - Large / Mid / Small Gang, PVP Reward Schemes!

Flying high! We had some fun home defence yesterday

Bumpy bump

Were going back up! Also make sure to go show your support for Brisc against the sale of fitted ships for cash

Up we go!

Bumping up again, Had some good fun in Pochven this weekend!

Align to top!

Death to drifter rats!

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Up we go

Bump, had some good content over the weekend aswell as the plex for good battleship brawl!

Bumping up, We had an alliance meet this week and it was amazing!

Did we ? I must have missed it. Mabe i was too drunk to notice :rofl:

Boom boom boom, Were going to the top!

We Still Recruiting ! Join Us

Changed over to horde and were loving it! Living large! Come to our pub chat and give us a try!

Up we go! Killboards getting filled and our wallets are getting fat! Come and have a chat with us!

Here we go again! Some fun kills yesterday!

Bumping back up for this bank holiday sunday! come give us a chat!

Going up! Come and chat to a recruiter today!

Come chat to us im our pub channel, we have people from all TZ’s

Bumpy Bump