Deaths Consortium! - The Way to play! - PVP / PVE / EU Nullsec Corp

Hey all!

Deaths consortium are now opening their doors to potential applicants. We are a small gang / Medium gang PVP Corp based in Null sec. We are a friendly and reliable corporation, And have activities ranging from Jumping through wormholes, To Ratting and running incursions. We do it all!

We are currently part of Sons Of Bane who are a small alliance and hold sov in nullsec, And with these we offer regular fleets and content on an alliance wide scale! We actively encourage pvp, While making sure our members have good ways to make isk and be able to afford their shiny PVP ships! Should you wish to be involved in the bigger Tidi Fights, you can get involved with some of our coalition fleets, Which offer exactly that.

As a corp, We can offer you:

  • Corp wide SRP for SRP fleets
  • Regular and Active Comms and Fleets
  • Security and Protection for your ratting and Mining needs.

If your interested, Get in contact with one of our recruiters, or join D3CO. Pub!