Delete, all sold

Cormack’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane - Sold
Cormack’s Modified Explosive Plating - Sold
Cormack’s Modified Ion Blaster Cannon - Sold

Please respond in this thread!

(This is my trading alt so I don’t pay attention to it’s mail!)

I’ll take the thermal membrane.

You are selling the thermal membrane too low

I’ll give you 7B for Cormack’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane

Lol so you offer something for 4 bil, I accept your offer. Than you raise the price to more than double?

Contact me ingame and we’ll make it happen!

Bump! Buyer has not made an attempt to collect contract!

6b on the membrane, can do 500 on the gun?

Sorry I was not online, If you can remake the contract I can accept.

Contract up :slight_smile:

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