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I need a working BOT for discord to get messages received from XMPP client (pidgin) and show on a specific Discord channel.

Put your price here

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Bump :sunglasses:

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Anyone? :smiley:

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BUMP :sunglasses:

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One more

(Brock Khans) #6

What kind of service are you wanting? Just from a simple google search.

Are you wanting someone to host the bot for you? Are you going to host it? do you just need help setting it up?

(Eric Vanduver) #7

I know this, but im not a programmer, i need someone to do small changes and guide me to host

(Eric Vanduver) #8

Still looking

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Bump again

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Well Welll

(Tenaya Masai) #11

Hit me up with when u got a moment and il try sort you out

(Eric Vanduver) #12

Im trying

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