Delete please

(Korbin Moonslayer) #1

wts my alt here’_Dealin’_Dickey pass: 1234

has 7.8m sp focused into trade
has 1 remap

has cool trade name

lowering opening bid to 4b, also willing to extract down to 5m sp for a cheaper buy

(Brock Khans) #2

pw: 1234

(Korbin Moonslayer) #3

oh ■■■■ thanks

(Wheelin' Dealin' Dickey) #4

confirming i am for sale

:star2: Buying pilots - Fast payment!
(Korbin Moonslayer) #5

bump for the day

(Korbin Moonslayer) #6

Daily bump drop a bid

(Korbin Moonslayer) #7

last call before i extract down to 5m sp

(Pharcide Kwok) #8

ill offer 4

(Korbin Moonslayer) #9

i just extracted down to 5m sp about 10min ago, going to update post acccordingly

(Pharcide Kwok) #10

well then i retract my offer then

(system) #11

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