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Still looking for pilots

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Are you guys taking on returning players? Tried hitting you up a message on discord but keeps saying can’t find you

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Hi kagrack, returning players are fine. Shoot me an in game mail, I can reply to those on my phone as well. Let’s chat!

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We are still actively recruiting. Shoot me a message to find out more!

Looking for a corp. i just restarted playing. 28mio SP
Pilot in Search for a Home
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Twisted-Sin’s recruitment is still open :slight_smile:

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We are still looking for more pilots to join us

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Recruitment still open. Come chat with us!

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Hey all, we are still very much so looking for some more players to join us in Tenerifis. Come talk with us in TSG-PUB in-game.

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Recruitment still open. We can help you learn what is needed if you have the willingness and drive. Just need 5mil sp. Come chat with us!

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Recruitment is still open.

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Still recruiting

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We are still looking to recruit some new blood.

Looking for people willing to PvP, and if you’re interested, help with industrial stuff as well.

Join TSG-PUB to talk with us.

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Still looking! Come say hi

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Applications are still being accepted.

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We are still looking for more members. Join TSG-PUB to chat with us.

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